Sunday, July 13, 2008

Our house expands for the final 2 feet

Nephi joins the family on 17 September 2002. To find out about each on the links on the right.

Our house expands by 2 more feet again

Michael joins the family on 12 April 2001.

Our house expands by 2 more feet

Christopher joins the family on 3 October 1997.

Our House expands by 2 feet

Donovan joins our family on 2 January 1996.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

22 July 1994 The Home of Russell and Candace Zaugg is established

Our engagment pictures. The above one is Russell's favorite. The below one is my favorite.

As with just about everything about me - our wedding day was typical in some regards and very untypical for a bride. Me...I get up very early to wash the car my dad and mom gave us as a wedding present. I wanted it to be nice and clean for when we left for our honeymoon. I gave no thought to my hair, nails or makeup like a lot of brides do on their wedding day. Really - the thought never occurred to me. Now that I look back at our wedding pictures - they definitely aren't the soft lens picturesque wedding pictures people see these days. In some ways I wish the thought of hair, nails, makeup would have crossed my mind. However - that doesn't change who I am as a person. My wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life in spite of my lack of "finesse" so to speak.
When I left to go to the church to meet Russell and make sure all was ready for the reception - I piled what was left of my stuff in the car. On top of the dress I wanted to wear after the reception. The pile was wet. Oops. When did I realize the mishap? Oh - about 3 hours later when the damage had already been done and no way to fix it. Hey - it's the new fashion to wear wrinkled unkept clothes when leaving your very own reception.
Russell and I were married in the Portland Oregon Temple in Lake Oswego, Oregon. We were surrounded by lots of family and friends. It meant a lot to us to have such a wonderful support system as we started our new life together.
About the photographer - he was only supposed to take pictures for an hour on the temple grounds. Well three hours later and sweating profusely - Russell and I climbed into his parents van and they whisked us away to the church building in Gresham. Away from the photographer as fast as possible. We actually lost him in traffic and weren't sorry one bit. We had about 45 minutes of no picture taking when we got to the reception area. Just enough time to grab a very quick bite at the family luncheon before guests started to arrive.
Oh - I probably should mention if I could do my dress over - it would be something not heavy. We were married on the hottest day of the year.

Candace and Russell at the Portland Oregon Temple.

I loved my bouquet. I had Sonja (not sure of the spelling) roses, white carnations, ferns and baby's breath. It smelled so heavenly!

Pitter patter...Be still my heart! What a hunk Russell was....aah - is I mean.
The front of my dress. My mom made it for me. I think she could have killed me at times because she had to resize it quite a few times. I had just come home off my mission when the material and pattern was bought. In 4 months time I lost about 40 pounds or so.
The back of my dress. I liked all the little buttons my mom sewed on. Click on the picture to see it better.

Our wedding cake. We ate it until the end of October. It was a white cake with a creamy lemon filling. Oh man - was it ever good! It cost $200. I remember that part because Russell and I paid for it ourselves.

The groom's family. L-R...Wendy, Erich, Dad Z, Russell, Candace, Mom Z, Carrie and Ron.
The bride's siblings...L-R is Karen, Becky, Candace, Jessica, Neil and Joseph in front. Missing was James - already married living in Minnesota and Lynda - on a mission in New Hampshire.
The bride and groom with siblings together. L-R back row is Neil, Becky, Wendy, Russell, Candace, Erich, Carrie and Ron. Front L-R is Jessica, Joseph and Karen.
The bride and groom with the groom's parents. L-R Dad Z, Russell, Candace, Mom Z. Here I must say - I have the BEST in-laws there ever were. They both are the nicest, most generous people I know - besides my parents. I am just so lucky to be married into a great family.

The groom with his parents. L-R is Russell the groom, Dad Z and Mom Z.
The bride with her parents. L-R Dad D, Candace and Mom D. (For technicality's sake - she is my step-mom - but I don't think of her like that.)
The bride with her mom. Candace and Mom R. This is my biological mom. She made my dress.
The bride and groom with the bride's grandmas from both the paternal and maternal side of the family. L-R is Grandma (Dot) Dysart, Candace, Russell and Grandma (Iris) Stone.

The whole 9 yards. I come from a very large family as you can see. Back row L-R is Dad Z, Mom Z, Wendy, Carrie, Ron, Erich, Russell, Candace, Joseph, Becky, Mom R, (her now ex who shall remain nameless - a rather shady character), Mom D, Dad D, Grandma Dysart and Grandma Stone. Front row L-R is Jessica, Karen, Neil and my Aunt Nancy.
The bride and groom with the bride's family. L-R is Aunt Nancy, he who shall remain nameless, Grandma Dysart, Dad D, Russell, Candace, Mom R, Mom D and Grandma Stone. Front row L-R is Jessica, Karen, Becky, Neil and Joseph.

The groom with his siblings. Ron (brother-in-law), Carrie (married to Ron), Russell, Erich and Wendy.

You should also know these siblings of Russell drove for a good while trying to find our car. Hehe - they never did find it. Why you ask? We hid it at a friend's house in Portland. Our best man and maid of honor - good friends of ours - had it at their house. They took us to our car after we tried to sneak away from the reception. We really didn't want the whole bird seed tradition. Which ended up happening anyway thanks to my family.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

December 1996

Well I wanted to go in chronological order here. We will have to go back and get the wedding pictures later. This picture was taken in December 1996. We lived in Provo, UT.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

1994 - on a date

This picture was in the spring of 1994. This is the only picture of Russell and I before our engagment and wedding pictures. We were at the Japanese Gardens here in Portland Oregon. We look so young!